24 July 2018

Cloud performance

Cloud computing has gained much traction over past few decades making business operations easier for the companies than ever before. Some of the drastic changes introduced by cloud are the as-a-Service models that have changed the way technology used to operate a few years back.

DevOps is an emerging technology dedicated to blurring the barriers between development and quality analysis of software. With the compressed time available for efficient software development writing codes accurately in one shot is a tedious task.

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Mark Johnson, Google

No more silos –Commonly in any IT firm people are divided into teams working on different silos which are often repeated across the departments creating piles of silos that are wasteful. These silos create a barrier between teams affecting the communication and coordination which ultimately diminishes the productivity. DevOps erodes this wall and takes a holistic approach where developers, testers, quality analysts and others have a transparency working system.

Reliable service delivery – Appropriate service delivery in a short span of time is what your customers want now a day. DevOps divides the entire operation into small jobs and delivers it on a constant basis that makes it an efficient and agile technology suitable for today’s ever-changing environment.

Quality service – Delivering service on time not sufficient, but it should be of good quality too. DevOps is able to respond to the queries with fast feedback loops and release with higher velocity improving the performance of the organization.