Saving time through Automated Deployments

Muti Step Delivery Pipeline in Jenkins

Jenkins is an extendable, open-source continuous integration server. You can use Jenkins to compile and test your code, and then have it trigger deployments in Octopus Deploy.Just like Jenkins makes build automation easy, Octopus Deploy makes deployment automation easy. Where Jenkins is designed to run a given build on a single build server, Octopus can deploy to hundreds of machines in parallel.

  • Distributing applications to all the remote machines, securely
  • Environment-specific configuration, like connection strings
  • Configuring IIS and Tomcat sites and installing Windows Services
  • Doing all of the above across many machines in parallel

Create packages and push to Octopus Have Jenkins compile the code, run tests, then bundle your application into a package that Octopus can deploy.

Create your release Have Jenkins trigger an Octopus deployment to a Dev environment after every build, by calling our cross-platform Octo command line tools to create releases and deploy releases.

Third party plugin An open source plugin for Jenkins provides built-in steps to create and deploy releases.

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